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Our new station in Bad Rappenau on the A6

Sauberer geht nicht!

Technology / Environment

The wash facilities at Cologne Truck Wash use the latest
and yet environmentally-friendly technology.


Cologne Truck Wash only uses 3-brush wash gantries from Steinbrückner-Reinigungstechnik at its sites.



  • These modern devices impress with their high functionality and finish.
  • Precise brush guidance
  • Precise additive dosing
  • Best-quality finish
  • Modern system control also guarantees outstanding, long-lasting wash results.


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The water preparation technology of SAR-Anlagenbau allows us to reuse approx. 85-90 percent of the used water in the washing cycle after extensive treatment.

This substantially reduces the need for fresh water. We use fresh water for rinsing and steam cleaning.

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Water is a valuable commodity. We need a lot of water for our work.

Complex technology allows us to save water and protect the environment.